Customer Services and Policies

           We are now offering a number of programs to maximize customers' bottom line, while minimizing their effort to keep up with the tedious work of back space inventory control.  Our customers now enjoy a timely delivery, and number of privilage from using our quality products.  Many of our customers are also being engaged in a contract purchase, which enable them to receive a significant discount from us--all with a confidence that the products will arrive when they need them.  

            Talk to our representatives for the detail, or use the feedback page to ask for more infomation.  We will include a web-based customer service features in this site soon.  Please come back to see them.


1. Office Hours: Monday to friday, 8.30 AM - 5.30 PM..
2. Delivery Policy: Order received before 1:00pm of each working day is delivered within 1:00pm the next day.  Order received after 1:00pm will be carried over to tomorrow.  Shipping normally takes 24 hours, but customers further afield can expect the shipment within 3-4 business days.
3. Back Order Policy: Even we take the stocking issue very seriously, there is always a chance of backlog happening once in a while.  That may due to many reasons which include the shortage of raw material, unusually high seasonal demand, QC issues, and miscellaneous.  All back orders receive highest priority when we are filling the orders, i.e., they are first in the filling queue.  We will normally notify our customers when an order cannot be filled, along with the expected shipment date, so that the customers can make the decision that best suits their needs.
4. Credit Returns Policy: We can have our people pick up the goods to be returned, or the customers may ship the goods back to us collected, within 15 days of reception, when the mistake is made by us.  In other case, an appropriated restocking fee applies.
Note: All time is Bangkok time (GMT+7). Policies #2-4 are applicable for local customers only.  International customers please contact for detail.
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