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            We have separated our products into categories according to their pharmacological classifications below for your convenience.  Details of our products are being added.  So, please come back to see more.  But if you can't wait, email to tell us the items you are looking for.  We will get back to you as soon as we can. 

Browse our full product listing sorted by name.

Browse our product listing sorted by pharmacological classifications.

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Thousands of other generic drugs
            Apart from our products, we can provide international distributors with almost a thousand of other generic products from GMP manufacturers.  If you don't find them here, let us know of your interest and we will get back with good terms.

Contract manufacturing facility
            We also offer a contract manufacturing facility for those who would like to enjoy a benefit of using GMP standard manufacturers at low cost.  We have a network of GMP manufacturers, based in Thailand, that can work together for your requirments.  Interesting?  Click here to contact us.

Product List by Pharmacological Classification:  uparrow.gif (122 bytes)

Analgesic & Antipyretic  Antispasmodic 
Antacid & Antiulcerant  Beta Blocker 
Anti-anginal  Calcium Antagonist 
Anti-inflammatory Enzyme  Cough & Cold Remedy 
Antiamoebic  Diuretic 
Antiasthmatic Preparation  GIT Regulator & Antiflatulent 
Antibacterial Combinations  Macrolides 
Antibiotics (others)  Minor Tranquilliser 
Antiemetic & Antivertigo  Muscle Relaxant 
Antihistamine & Antiallergic  Peripheral Vasodilator & Cerebral activator 
Antihyperlipidaemic Agent  Preparations for Vaginal Conditions 
Antihypertensive  Quinolone 
Antirheumatic, Anti-inflammatory Analgesic   
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