pharmacological classifications

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Pharmacological Classification:


Brand Name
Compare to active
ingredients of*
PANFEMIC-F®  Mefenamic Acid  Ponstan 500®  500 mg  bottle of 1,000 tablets 
PANFEMIC®  Mefenamic Acid  Ponstan®  250 mg  bottle of 1,000 tablets 
PANGESIC®  Orphenadrine Citrate+Paracetamol  Norgesic®  35 mg+450 mg  bottle of 1,000 tablets 
TRAGESIC®  Tramadol HCl  Tramal®  50 mg.  box of 25 x 10 capsules in blister pack 
X-GESIC®  Orphenadrine Citrate+Paracetamol  Norgesic®  35 mg+ 450 mg  bottle of 1,000 tablets 



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